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New in android community!

By newinandroid on November 8, 2015

Welcome to New in Android community, the site that gives you the best new Android apps, Android news, recommended games and more. Hey guys! Want to stay updated with useful apps? Tired searching the best new game for you? Want to know what’s new in android? Or just want a funny stuff that passes your time? That is […]

Whatsapp now support GIF’S

By newinandroid on October 4, 2016

Whatsapp offers sending GIF’s on its app. A new feature that was included in version v2.16.293 of whatsapp is the possibility of sending GIF’s in whatsapp messages. This option would be great for meme’s lovers and make the whatsapp texting much more fun and funnier. Whatsapp, that was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, […]

The best way to download youtube videos

By newinandroid on September 28, 2016

After hours of searching for the best way to download YouTube videos, I was surprised to find that way. A known app that some of you might not know, simply because it’s not on Google play store but the apk download for it is on the web is itube. Itube is app that complete YouTube. […]

How to change default SMS app

By newinandroid on September 17, 2016

Downloaded Facebook’s messanger and want to change your default SMS app? Here’s how to change your messaging app. This can be annoying to have Facebook’s messanger app as default SMS app. How can we change it? Facebook doesn’t show how to return to Android’s messaging app after setting Messanger’s app to default, and when you […]

Photo Background Editor

By okazaki on June 24, 2016

Photo Background Editor allows you to change photo background, you can erase or remove any background in esay way and place a new beautiful Background. using Photo Backgroud Editor you can create many types of photo with the use of your creativity. and mixe two photo in one you can make photo with celebrity or […]

the room games

The Room Series Games

By twome on June 10, 2016

What the game that you most like? Is it challenge you? Amazed you? In this article I will speak about game series that in my opinion is the best! So the series is “the room”. In this game you need to find the way out but is not easy like it seems. You have a […]

android obb games

Android – Download OBB and APK Files

By twome on June 10, 2016

In this guide I will explain how to install games which cost money in google play for free and what is OBB and apk files. First of all,you must to know what are the files that include in games in android. The file are OBB and apk. Most of the people know the apk as […]

Difficult Game Crazy Ball

By okazaki on June 4, 2016

Crazy Ball Do you love ping pong game or Table Tennis game ? Crazy Ball is a simple and super addictive game. Crazy Ball is a challenging game and one of the most enjoyable games. The rules are simple just Stay in the circle that’s it by tapping the sections used for right and left […]

Android Design

How To Design Your Android?

By twome on May 20, 2016

Android design In this guide I will explain how to customize and design your phone, you will need root for some things so you can look about previous guides that I made. So you surely want to know how to design your android, right? The default android design is boring… Don’t worrie, in android you can […]

android root

How to Root an Android Phone? – Part I

By twome on May 13, 2016

Android phone rooting Android phone rooting is one powerful tool. Android rooting process deletes everything in your phone, like Factory Reset, so do your backups and your data will be safe. Like I said in other guides, if you want to enjoy your phone with 100%, you might want to root your phone. With android root you have […]

rom, recovery and kernel

Rom, Recovery, Kernel and Everything Between

By twome on May 6, 2016

What is Rom, Recovery and Kernel? In this howto guide I will explain to you what is flash, rom, recovery and kernel. What is a flash? In fact, it’s an action in which everyone that has root can do it from the phone and without root via the computer. With this action you can change a recovery, […]

android root

Android Root – What Can we Earn From That On Device?

By twome on May 6, 2016

Android root Some people that haven’t heard about android root say to their self’s: Why I should do root? I enjoy my phone without all this thing. Root can damage my phone, I afraid. Root is just a tool to do number of things and no more than that. So, I am here to show you how […]

Marshmallow comes to android wear

By twome on February 6, 2016

Google published new details about the update for Android wear,  one of them is the version will be marshmallow. Firstly,  the update will enable the option to do a vocals calls on watches with internal speaker.  Moreover, in this version people can make a Boilerplate messages for apps like whatsapp and viber. Now the smartwatch […]

LG G5 – All details

By twome on February 6, 2016

New details about LG G5 has arrived Lately, the are many rumors about LG G5 which excepted to be made official at LG MWC 2016 on the 21st of februray. This device excepted to come with 5.6 inch display  with resolution of QHD, 4GB of RAM, internal memory of 64GB and SD card slot. In […]


Monday_gifs: week #8

By newinandroid on January 18, 2016

Hello everybody! This is the 8th week of #monday_gifs. You can click on its link to see the rest of it. It’s our unique tradition on new in android that was created especially for you guys. So let’s see the gifs for this week! That confused monday look.. SOURCE ARIELLEKEBBEL.TUMBLR.COM   I don’t even know […]


Monday_gifs: week #7

By newinandroid on January 11, 2016

You all everybody! This is #7 week of #monday_gifs in New in android and we’re starting with gif from LOST! We can’t go to work. Weekend isn’t over. Do you hear me?? SOURCE WWW.REDDIT.COM Can’t catch me. Can’t catch me. SOURCE WWW.AFV.COM We have arrived. So let’s check this fun paper and decide what to do. Woo-hoo! […]

MouseMote – Control Your Computer With Motion

By VilleI on January 5, 2016

Video: About the app MouseMote is an app that allows you to use your phone to control your computer. It has an airmouse feature, touchpanel for mouse and a keyboard (with some other features).  You can use Wifi or Bluetooth to connect to your computer. Supported operating systems are Windows, Linux/Unix and OSX. The airmouse feature […]


Monday_gifs: week #6

By newinandroid on January 4, 2016

SOURCE LISASLOCKET.TUMBLR.COM Happy new year! Well, in three days late.. But it’s only because we’ve waited until monday! This is the #6 week of #monday_gifs. If you’re enjoing our website please spread the word by sharing your love in social websites. Here are the gifs for this week: La la la la l.. WHAT DA […]


Monday_gifs: week #5

By newinandroid on December 28, 2015

As we always do in NEW IN ANDROID, #monday_gifs is back for another week! Exiting, isn’t it? No? Come on, it is! Great gifs and funny situations. Still nothing? Ok, fine. It’s just me. Anyway, here are the gifs for this week: The things you find out happaned in the weekend.. SOURCE ARRESTEDDEVELOPMENTGIFS.TUMBLR.COM   No, […]


Monday_gifs: week #4

By newinandroid on December 21, 2015

Continuing our #monday_gifs tradition in New in android, today is the 4th week of Monday gifs! Here are the best gifs for this week: Shit, monday is here? Just let me die. SOURCE HTTP://GIF-DATABASE.TUMBLR.COM/POST/17552193599 I don’t care about a thing. I don’t care about a thing. SOURCE SKITTLEMERMAID.TUMBLR.COM   It’s friiiidaaayy again. Do you hear […]

Acalc beautiful calculator

By s0nicyouth on December 17, 2015

[IMG=”ACalc”][/IMG] ACalc calculator is written to make complex calculations a bit easier. You can move equations around the working field and link equation answers to other equations so there is no need to remember answers for further calculations. It allows to save results of a calculation to proceed with it later. App in Google Play […]