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Android – Download OBB and APK Files

By twome, June 10, 2016

In this guide I will explain how to install games which cost money in google play for free and what is OBB and apk files.

First of all,you must to know what are the files that include in games in android. The file are OBB and apk. Most of the people know the apk as the file that download and install on android , he build from libraries and all of them create the apk files. On the install ,the libraries insert into the phone to some folders. There are some libraries that require a another file which provide the graphic in the game. OBB file is the graphic file of the game. You need both of them that you can run the game. Without OBB file the game will out from the first time. So how you download this files to your android device?

To this procedure you need a :

1.Pc or laptop

2.apk file

3.obb or data folder that contain it


First you need install the apk file on your device :

1.put the apk file on internal/external storage on this apk file install not run the application yet

OBB android

obb and data folders

Where the OBB go?

1.unzip /extract your obb /data   file/folder(if he exists in zip file)

2.copy the data folder into ‘android/data/**place here the folder**

If it’s obb file copy into ‘android/obb/**place here your file**

*if one of the folder doesn’t exist you can create them. can run you apk

OBB android

data and obb folders and what inside

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