android root

Android Root – What Can we Earn From That On Device?

By twome, May 6, 2016

Android root

Some people that haven’t heard about android root say to their self’s:

Why I should do root? I enjoy my phone without all this thing. Root can damage my phone, I afraid. Root is just a tool to do number of things and no more than that.

So, I am here to show you how root it is important thing for everybody that wants to enjoy his phone like he never felt. So, the first part I will show you what root can bring for you and the other part I will show you how to root. First and foremost, with root you can back up all of your things! from settings to apps and roms! You need to have the following app –

Titanium back


that allows you to backup all apps. It is very useful. More over, you can transform your phone to smarter than it really is. When the battery is low, you can disable all connections, when you connect your phone to a car, you can enable bluetooth automatically, and all of that by the app TASKER.


In addition, with root you can control about your performance. You can change the speed of the core, change the voltage the phone take, change the GPU settings and more. All that by change the kernel of the operating system. Kernel it is zip file in android that you can install. I will explain later. Moreover, you can play with PlayStation control games in the phone, and you can install XPOSED FRAMWORK, which contains a lot of libraries to all phones, it is like the cydia in iphone and it improves the phone in any aspect. The big thing that root gives you it’s FLASH! (I will explain in other guide what does flash mean).

So, if you ask me, I don’t see why root makes a damage. It helps your phone to work with the best settings and that is the way to exploit all things from every android phone.

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