The best way to download youtube videos

By newinandroid, September 28, 2016

After hours of searching for the best way to download YouTube videos, I was surprised to find that way.

A known app that some of you might not know, simply because it’s not on Google play store but the apk download for it is on the web is itube.

Itube is app that complete YouTube. No more need to fix the screen on YouTube’s app. When you use itube you can safely leave the app and enter an other app or even close the screen, and your video will continue playing and even shows it image on your lock screen.

Moreover, itube loads the video in a seconds and caches it in your phone for reuse on non-networking mode. Your videos will appear in your default video app also.

The main disadvantage of itube is that it loads the video in a very low quality. This disadvantage though cam be advantage if you want to here music on the background or you are trying to save storage and internet on your phone. Although itube saves network download data usage, you still are downloading a video, so if you are concerned about data usage, you should think about it. 

Another way of using YouTube app on background is using YouTube’s web app on Google chrome browser. By using it you are free to move to another app without the need to stop the video. Itube still is the best way for me, especially because itube saves  the video in phone. Now I can enjoy listening to YouTube performances even if I want to close data usage access.

Itube is available not only for Android but also for iPhone. Even though I have searched for many Google play’s apps, itube really is the best until now. You can download the Android’s version on that following link for itube’s site:



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