How to change default SMS app

By newinandroid, September 17, 2016

Downloaded Facebook’s messanger and want to change your default SMS app? Here’s how to change your messaging app.

This can be annoying to have Facebook’s messanger app as default SMS app. How can we change it?

Facebook doesn’t show how to return to Android’s messaging app after setting Messanger’s app to default, and when you visit Android’s messaging app, it says that you need to change settings for default SMS app, and meanwhile it won’t let us use this app.

Although we have the ability to change defaults, I didn’t found an explanation for how to change default SMS app. not in messenger and not in Android’s app. That’s why I decided to share with you an easy and simple way to change SMS defaults.

All you need to do for changing SMS default app is to visit “settings” app, and under “wireless & connections” category click more. There you have an option to change default messaging app (“Default SMS app”). Now, every time you want to change it all you need to do is to come back for this option on setting. Good luck!




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