Android Design

How To Design Your Android?

By twome, May 20, 2016

Android design

android design

Launchers(Like IOS, Windows Phone and more)

In this guide I will explain how to customize and design your phone, you will need root for some things so you can look about previous guides that I made.
So you surely want to know how to design your android, right? The default android design is boring… Don’t worrie, in android you can do what you want because it’s open OS.

First of all, you have the launchers. They can change the total look on your phone. The most famous launcher is nova. It can change the folders, icons(that you can download in play store), animations and more. The main advantage of nova that it faster and light, while oher can be laggy and have visual appearance.



I would tell you also about the awesome app that improves your sound. The app named Viper4Droid and has a lot of options start with an equalizer up to base level and amplifier signal. This app improves the sound in the speaker and headphone so you can enjoy from your music like you buy an advance music player. The app requires root but it’s worth that.

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework

In addition, you can install Xposed Farmwork. It expands your library and with it you can add better appearance and features to your device. This app also requires root. Moreover, you can download apps from play store like dialer, gallery, music player and more that improve your use in android.


android icons


In addition, there are icons that you can download and put on your phone. There is an icon that must be in a specific launchers but all of those launchers are free. The icons changes  the design of normal android phones. There is an app called ZooperWidget. This app enables you the option to create yours widgets It can take a long time but your design that you’re thinking about can be in your phone. Zooperwidget also requires root.

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget

Moreover, you can also change your ringtone, wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper by moving your song/wallpaper you want. In my option, the subject of designing your phone is limitless. you can change icons and launchers and your phone can look like IOS, Windows phone and tons of templates that you can create. Android lets you choose what to do with the design and with play store you can create the most amazing design.

So, what do you think about this article? Did it help you and did you learn a new material?

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