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How to Root an Android Phone? – Part I

By twome, May 13, 2016

Android phone rooting

Android phone rooting is one powerful tool. Android rooting process deletes everything in your phone, like Factory Reset, so do your backups and your data will be safe.
Like I said in other guides, if you want to enjoy your phone with 100%, you might want to root your phone. With android root you have a lot of options.

How to root an android phone?

First and foremost, the battery needs to be in 100%. If something happens and your battery dies, this could cause your phone to be gone or broken (in mean of operating system). After charging your phone, the next step in android rooting is turning on USB debugging. To do that:

  1. Go to setting.
  2. Tap on About Phone and find the Build Number
  3. Tap on the Build number a few times and the developer Options will appear on settings screen
  4. Go back to settings screen
  5. Tap on Developer Options
  6. Check to enable USB debugging
  7. Optional: check to enable OEM Unlocking

After your debugging mode is on, you will need to install android SDK tool to install adb and fastboot.

How to Root an Android Phone

How to Root an Android Phone

Android SDK is the library of android. All of the versions of android exists there. Android SDK provides tools to build apps and roms for phone, like the libraries of programming like java.

And now the adb installation.




adb - root

adb – android phone rooting

Adb is like CMD of the phone. All the commands are written there.

Fastboot is the state of the phone when you do the root. After that, you will need to unlock your bootloader.

What is bootloader?

Bootloader is the startup of the phone, it protects your phone against viruses. When you unlock the bootloader, you can access the basics of the phone. Without the unlock we can’t root.

Unlocking the bootloader enables the option of customizing your phone.

How to Root Your Android Phone

How to Root an Android Phone

Every phone has his father, like Samsung and LG. So every company has its motherboard. Every company has different way to unlock bootloader and do the root.

Therefore, you should be careful when you do the root, because if you root a phone with unnecessary method, your phone will die.

I hope that this guide helps you understand what is root and how to prepare the phone to the root process.

Any questions?

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