MouseMote – Control Your Computer With Motion

By VilleI, January 5, 2016


About the app

MouseMote is an app that allows you to use your phone to control your computer. It has an airmouse feature, touchpanel for mouse and a keyboard (with some other features).  You can use Wifi or Bluetooth to connect to your computer. Supported operating systems are Windows, Linux/Unix and OSX.

The airmouse feature means that the app allows you to control your computer mouse by moving your phone around the air. It uses the motion sensors in your phone to detect the angle at which you hold your phone and translates the movement into mouse movements. In essential you are able to use your phone kind of like the Wiimote.

– Connect to computer with Bluetooth or Wifi
– Move phone around to control computer pointer.
– Buttons for left/right mouse button and scroll button.
– Touchpad function
– Keyboard
– Web browser mode
– Arrow buttons (Only in Full version)
– Powerpoint mode (Only in Full version)
– Customizable buttons (Only in Full version)
– Multimedia controls (Beta) (Only in Full version)


Download link: Free version | Full version

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