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New in android community!

By newinandroid, November 8, 2015

Welcome to New in Android community, the site that gives you the best new Android apps, Android news, recommended games and more.

Hey guys! Want to stay updated with useful apps?
Tired searching the best new game for you? Want to know what’s new in android?
Or just want a funny stuff that passes your time? That is the place for you!

new in android

New in android community

The exclusiveness in this site is anybody can share new stuff, but only site admins can approve that content so you can be sure it’s only high quality content, not spam and nothing that not suitable to the site concept.

Additional to the app reviews, you may also find in New android funny pictures and other entertainment that is not necessarily related to android.

The current content themes for this website are Tech news, recommended apps, special articles that gives you interesting tools for every day use and funny pictures, videos and jokes.

In the future we might add additional categories, depending on posting line. Feel free to post new stuff that you found and donate to our community!

Please signing up to our site, to get cool custom profile that will be shown to everybody (the reach of your profile depends on your activity – as long as you share, people can reach you better).

Start sharing the world with your posts in PUBLISH NEW POST page.

For any question, opinions and support please contact for a quick response. Don’t be shy!

Spread the word by sharing us on social media and from mouth to ear. The website updates constantly!


New in android offers only free services. You are welcome to browse for interesting new android stuff, or let us know if you have any suggestions or idea for a post. What are you waiting for?


Hi there! Thank you for visiting! Contact for any question!

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