Monday_gifs: week #3

By newinandroid on December 14, 2015

Hi everybody! Remember our #monday_gifs serial? So we’re on the 3rd week! Huray! Now let’s go to business. Here are the best gifs of this week: Monday morning, just the start of the week and everybody needs to wake up. It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s monday. I don’t care about a thing. SOURCE HUFFINGTONPOST.TUMBLR.COM   […]


Monday_gifs: week #2

By newinandroid on December 7, 2015

Do you remember the tradition we’ve started last week? Well, this is the 2nd week of Monday_gifs! Check out the awesome gifs from this week. Enjoy! Can’t believe weekend is here!! and.. it’s over. What day is it? SOURCE GRACILLIUS.TUMBLR.COM   This week is Behind you, dawg. SOURCE SHUTTERBUG-12.TUMBLR.COM Me trying to get promotion at work I […]

A Game of Threes

By tomjodh on November 30, 2015

A game of threes Game of Thr33s is a fun, fast, easy to learn and addictive match 3 game to train your brain. In this demo you can play the first stage containing 50 levels. All levels can be played in Classic mode or in a thrilling Arcade mode. At the start of each level […]

Ccleaner now has its mobile app

By newinandroid on November 30, 2015

Do you know ccleaner? The successful computer cleaning software? So now it has its mobile app version. A long time I was searching for ccleaner app in the Google play. I didn’t find it until recently, so up to now I was using clean master app for cleaning and protecting my device, which was nice […]

share this potato for no reason

Share this potato for no reason!

By newinandroid on November 30, 2015

A post for no reason Share this potato for no reason! How many shares can this handsome potato get? Share this page in social media to spread the potato to everywhere 🙂    


Monday_gifs: week #1

By newinandroid on November 29, 2015

Hey guys! Today, we are starting a new tradition in New in android! Every monday, we will give you the best, funniest and inspiring gifs that would give you the strength for the week! YOU GOT THE FORTH! And those are the gifs for this week. Sucking at something is the first step towards being […]

What is Li-Fi?

By newinandroid on November 29, 2015

A lot of sources have started talking about Li-Fi. So what is Li-Fi anyway? The traditional and known WiFi was able to send a signal of 1 Gigabytes per second. A new technology based on radio waves that called Li-Fi has been tested and can reach to 100 times more than WiFi! So basically, what […]

“Twist” by ketchapp is gaining moment

By newinandroid on November 29, 2015

Ketchapp’s new game “twist” is gaining momentum Everybody knows the catchy Ketchapp games with an average of more that 1 million downloads per game. Every game made by Ketchapp is really simple, nice and neat design and most of all really addicting.. This time Ketchapp made its flag game – twist by Ketchapp. Recently I […]

Jackie bird: сute graphics & hardcore gameplay

By Stas_Goodbrother on November 27, 2015

Hello, everyone! I’ve completed my first game, called Jackie bird. Take a look 🙂 Jackie is a positive and fun bird! Fly high! Сollect coins and bonuses. Set new highscores! Tap the screen to flap your wings! Game cathegory: Arcade. Features: One Touch Control Іt is both hard and fun Two modes: classic and arcade. Cost: free Google play link: Download for […]

google chrome Offline

Google Chrome app has a new feature in offline mode

By newinandroid on November 27, 2015

The android app off one of the largest internet browsers of the world has a new feature in offline mode If you use to browse chrome from your phone, you might be interested to know that app has a new feature if your internet is not working. Instead of the old and boring “You are […]

poly path

Poly Path – Unique and addicting gameplay!

By bobbydev on November 23, 2015

Challenge your multi-tasking skills in Poly path cute game! Toggle the paths to lead your little guys to the right place! Trailer: Poly path features: Over 200 levels to master Addictive gameplay Collect stars based on your performance Unlock rewards with your stars Clean, crisp graphics Cute characters to follow your path Simple touch controls How […]

angry gamers

Angry gamers videos of all times – best collection

By newinandroid on November 19, 2015

What are the funniest videos of gamers the get angry? The best angry gamers videos of all times! Top 15 angry gamers The angry gamers collection starts with a 13 minutes video is with more that 4M views, and yes, it’s defiantly worth it! ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS PS4! This drunk grandpa is just epic! Can’t […]

LG g5

LG G5 would be all in metal

By newinandroid on November 19, 2015

Rumors have started about the new LG flag model, the LG G5 In 2015 tech zone, where the competition is huge with the never-ending rush and try to succeed and be the most innovative, I will not be surprised if LG will start marketing their new LG G5 model. The reports are saying that this model will […]

Google app is more effective than ever!

By newinandroid on November 18, 2015

Google used to be a list of links that helps you find the things you need. Now Google gets you exactly what you was looking for. Want to know how to tie a tie? Or catch up with funny dog vids? Now you just need to ask google the specific thing that you want, and […]

best game ever made

Is it the best game ever made?

By suite app on November 17, 2015

Suite App addicting android games line is now working on a new game. Is it the best game ever made? When you think about the best game ever made, what do you imagine? That thought, that is what we are intending to do. We work a few month and we make addicting android games. But […]


Back up an android phone

By newinandroid on November 17, 2015

Want to move to a new phone? Or just want to make sure your important files are saved? Back up an android phone!   Back up to computer If you don’t know that yet, the first thing you should know about backing up an android phone is how to back it up to your computer. […]


Android games with a story

By newinandroid on November 16, 2015

Tired of never-ending casual games? Want android games with a story? Check out the best ones. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find the best game. Sometimes you don’t know what to look for. Here’s a collection of android games with a story you might be interested in. Star Wars™: KOTOR There are bunch of  android […]

android wear

LG are announcing the first watch capable of making calls

By newinandroid on November 14, 2015

Android and LG are announcing the first android wear watch capable of making and receiving calls. Until now, android wear was a device that sereves the smartphone. It could play music and find interesting information, but it couldn’t make and receive calls. Until now. No more need for Wifi and bluetooth – android wear has cellular connection […]

android memes

10 android memes that you’ve never seen

By newinandroid on November 13, 2015

Check out this collection of iPhone and android memes which will make you laugh! This post contains ten funny pictures memes that were created especially for you by New in android. Won’t you take a look? There are nice android memes, It’s exclusive to 1 – How about no bear meme Yeah.. don’t think it’s gonna happen. 2 […]

Best offline apps

No WiFi no problem: 10 best offline apps

By newinandroid on November 13, 2015

Need best offline apps collection? No WiFi? no problem. That’s the article for you. Most of us use WiFi every day, and when we don’t can’t reach it we use the mobile network connection. But what about travels? And no battery situations? And when your network package are getting low? We have all surely been in those situations. […]