rom, recovery and kernel

Rom, Recovery, Kernel and Everything Between

By twome, May 6, 2016

What is Rom, Recovery and Kernel?

In this howto guide I will explain to you what is flash, rom, recovery and kernel.

What is a flash?

In fact, it’s an action in which everyone that has root can do it from the phone and without root via the computer. With this action you can change a recovery, rom and a kernel, which I will explain in this guide later.

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What is a rom?

Rom it is a operating system like windows, linux and mac OS in diffrent version (tweaks). It is aN android operating system but the base of it can be changed (like linux). There is a lot of types of bases, and the one that is most famous is Cyanogenmod. It is rom that has developed almost to every known phones.

Its performance works like a charm, it uses the google rom (clean and fast). It is what causes him to raise more and more. There is more roms, the most known roms are:

AOSP – Android Open Source Project

AOKP – Android Open Kang Project

Parnoid Android – Parnoid Android Team

And there are roms which based on stock rom of every phone (like Touchwiz, Sense and Google). Every rom (operating system) has kernel.


What is a kernel?

Kernel’s job is to connect between the hardware to the software, like change CPU speed, GPU settings and more.

In android, you can change the kernel by flash a new and you can choose one from a list, one for good battery, good performance and stable. The kernel is the admin of the phone, he can control everything on the phone and can slow down or opposite him. The kernel is very powerful but also can damage if you dont know how to use him. There is people who say that could be a situation in which the custom rom and kernel can create the perfect performance.


What is a recovery?

Recovery it is a partition in the phone and when the operating system damage, the reovery can fix this and save your phone. To enter to the recovery in almost every phone you need to press shutdown button + volume down. Do this now to see the environment and all about what I’ll explain. There is another thing that call custom recovery. It’s a zip file that you flash on the phone. It’s allows you to flash roms, zip files, backup roms, reset phone and more. With the recovery you can flash kernels and roms. To flash custom recovery, your device needs to be rooted.


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