Whatsapp now support GIF’S

By newinandroid on October 4, 2016


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Whatsapp offers sending GIF’s on its app. A new feature that was included in version¬†v2.16.293 of whatsapp is the possibility of sending GIF’s in whatsapp messages. This option would be great for meme’s lovers and make the whatsapp texting much more fun and funnier. Whatsapp, that was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, […]

best game ever made

Is it the best game ever made?

By suite app on November 17, 2015

suite app

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Suite App addicting android games line is now working on a new game. Is it the best game ever made? When you think about the best game ever made, what do you imagine? That thought, that is what we are intending to do. We work a few month and we make addicting android games. But […]